Engineered for Strength

Awesome Awnings Ltd have had the structural integrity of our awnings assessed by a Registered Engineer. All Awesome Awnings are manufactured to the appropriate engineering specifications to ensure that building code requirements are met or exceeded. Producer statements are available for Building Consent purposes.

Structural Grade Steel

Awesome Awnings Ltd. use structural grade C350 steel for superior strength, eliminating any excessive flexing of the frame, thereby ensuring no undue stress on the roofing material.

Box Section

In order to meet the structural requirements of the New Zealand Building Code, Awesome Awnings Ltd use square or rectangular ‘box section’ steel. ‘Box section’ has a much higher lateral strength than that of circular tubing, giving less flex in the structural members. In comparison, circular tubing has very good torsion properties making it more difficult to twist, not an attribute that we need.

Certified for Durability

At it inception, Awesome Awnings Ltd had the procedural elements of our manufacturing processes analysed by a Registered Corrosion Consultant, Les Boulton to ensure the long lasting durability of our awnings.


In order to ensure that the frame will not deteriorate unduly, all structural members are mill hot dipped galvanised (both inside and out). All fabricated brackets and fittings are ‘hot dipped’ galvanized prior to the powder coating process.

Polycarbonate Sheet Roofing

Polycarbonate Sheet Roofing is a product of the space age! An advanced plastic polymer with optical and physical properties that can’t be matched by other materials. It has high resistance to the weathering effects of UV rays and yellowing of sheets is minimised over their lifetime. Impact strength is up to 150 times that of tempered glass, even hail won’t cause damage. The sheeting also blocks 99.9% of harmful UV rays so you can enjoy the sun without the sunburn.

Visit the Alsynite website for more information.

Colour selection available to suit client requirements.

Colorsteel Sheet Roofing

Colorsteel Sheet Roofing is a popular product due to it’s long lasting durability. The iron sheeting gives 99.9% UV block and reduces light and heat, while providing a dry area from the rain.

Visit the Colorsteel website for more information.

Colour selection available to suit client requirements.

Awesome Awnings

Awesome Awnings was started in May 2001 by Alastair and Rosemary Dean who had been involved in permanent weather protection shelters and solutions. They saw a gap in the existing market for a new, innovative product and service. Awesome Awnings are now the specialists in modern day conservatories and pergolas.

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Awesome Awnings Limited

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New Zealand

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