At Awesome Awnings we offer several different styles of curtain using either clear PVC or mesh fabric.

It can be a clear curtain, or mesh or even a mix of both. It is about how best we can design a blind, curtain or screen that is going to suit your lifestyle requirements.

Getting the right type of style puts the final touches to designing a weather- proof area that you will use and use for a long period of time.

We at Awesome Awnings understand the importance of this and will guide you through the process so a you get exactly what you want.

Awesome Awnings

Awesome Awnings was started in May 2001 by Alastair and Rosemary Dean who had been involved in permanent weather protection shelters and solutions. They saw a gap in the existing market for a new, innovative product and service. Awesome Awnings are now the specialists in modern day conservatories and pergolas.

Postal Address

Awesome Awnings Limited

PO Box 19-034, Avondale 1746


New Zealand

Physical Address

1/19 Honan Place

Avondale 1028