Canopies, Carports and Kit Set Awnings

We manufacture Awesome Awnings exclusively in our Auckland manufacturing plant, as we own the product and engineering specifications, we have the ability, to kit set all over New Zealand – Far North or Deep South, we have sent our awnings everywhere.

Over our 18 years in business we have developed a unique system of forms and questions to make certain with your input we can create the ultimate solution for you. Our experience allows us to bring to the table any question or issue that may arise during the process of getting your Awesome Awnings kit-set made and installed.

Unlike most kit-set we purchase today when you buy an Awesome Awnings you deal with us about our wants and needs. A product made in New Zealand by New Zealander for our unique climate.
The awning really is a hand crafted to meet your requirements from start to finish of the process. This includes individually written instruction that only apply to your installation.

We have a simple policy with our kit sets will not leave Awesome Awnings factory until we are 100% satisfied that is correct and will not be issue with the installation and end product.

Call us 09 820 0664 today, or email us  for a Free Consultation on your new kit-set awning,canopy, carport, pergola, sunroom.

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Awesome Awnings

Awesome Awnings was started in May 2001 by Alastair and Rosemary Dean who had been involved in permanent weather protection shelters and solutions. They saw a gap in the existing market for a new, innovative product and service. Awesome Awnings are now the specialists in modern day conservatories and pergolas.

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Awesome Awnings Limited

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