Awesome Awnings offers the simple but effective café blind which uses a roller bar and a crank handle to wind it up. Expand your cafe’s usable space.

To cover in the arch or triangle at the end of your awning we can either offer a fixed frame curtain made from clear PVC or a mesh or powder- coated flashing.

Generally, café Blinds are not 100% water- proof as they have gaps at the side, however the gaps are an advantage to cover those unusual shapes.

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Awesome Awnings

Awesome Awnings was started in May 2001 by Alastair and Rosemary Dean who had been involved in permanent weather protection shelters and solutions. They saw a gap in the existing market for a new, innovative product and service. Awesome Awnings are now the specialists in modern day conservatories and pergolas.

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Awesome Awnings Limited

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New Zealand

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1/19 Honan Place

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